School Babysitters

Ryuichi and Kotaro

Hey guys, so last time I finished my one of the amazing anime ‘The God of High School’ and this week I finished one more anime ‘School Babysitters‘. I was watching both the anime simultaneously that’s why I thought of telling you guys about both of them. So talking about ‘School Babysitters’ , this anime is basically based on brother love and cute small kids. Aw, they are really kawaii (cute)! So talking about the main story line , it revolves around two brothers who lost their parents in a plane crash. The brothers, Ryuichi ( elder) and Kotaro (younger) are both took in by a rich old lady who lost her son and daughter in law in the same plane crash.


The old lady is the chairwoman of a school where she insisted Ryuichi to continue his studies. In return he was asked to spend all of his free time in the day care room looking after the kids of teachers. Well its not a big deal for someone who is used to it right! Ryuichi has always took care ofย his small brother Kotaro as his parents would always be on trips around the world, you can say that they were free spirits.

The anime of just 12 episodes can give you life long lessons because the way they are presented and the circumstances which are formed just leave a long lasting impact on your heart and forces you to think that how can God be so just do this. Well I can’t tell you everything as more fun is in watching the anime and not reading about it, but that doesn’t mean you stop reading totally, okay, so don’t take it the order way. Well lets talk about the anime characters. First, Ryuichi, man what should I say about him he is the main character so obviously he would be amazing. He is too kind, cares about everyone around and loves his brother more than anything. His small brother is his first priority but still he thinks about others too. He is always thankful to those around him and especially to chairwoman and his friends for always supporting him.

Ryuichi and friends!

Next up is Kotaro, he is very similar to his elder brother especially in the quality of being considerate about everyone. The quality I love about him the most is that he is unbelievably patient. I mean that in a episode he just stood all day caring a book in his hands while waiting for his brother to read it for him. He is sugoi (amazing) and kawaii (cute).He also made lemon tea for his brother when he fell ill although it was a hard job for him to take out lemon drops. Also if someone would hit Ryuichi he would feel that it is the end of the world and same happens when he once saw his brother dive underwater. He was crying like anything this shows how much he loves him.

Then comes our supporting cast. Yeah so first is the chairwoman, she is like a coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside. She really cares about Ryuichi and Kotaro and would make sure that all of their needs are meet. She also scolds them whenever necessary and assured Ryuichi that he is not the only one who lost something dear and he should not bear all alone.


Next is Saikawa, the butler who is just amazing in each kind of work, really talented. He always comes out of nowhere when required by Ryuichi. He is a very reliable person who can solve any kind of problem.

Now talking about Ryuichi’s friends, he has got a lot of them but here I would specifically talk about Hayato Kamitani. He is both heartless and merciless. Yeah you heard it right! Kamitani has a small brother named Taka and whenever he would cause nuisance he would heartlessly hit hard on his head. Really! Who in the world hurts a small kid like that! But don’t get the wrong idea here he loves his brother more than anything and wants that he should become a good kid but he never shows that concern.There are a lot of other characters too butย I won’t be talking about them as then the blog will become too lengthy. But don’t worry I will post another blog continuing with this one. This anime is really good for those who want too see some cute kids. Check it out and do comment below and tell how much you liked the anime and the blog!

Thank you for reading!

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One thought on “School Babysitters

  1. The author of this series was one of my favourites when I was little. I was so thrilled when this anime came out! I’d read so much of her work over the years!
    My favourite story of hers though is this short she did that was a Snow White retelling. I remember it being really cute and it was such a lovely story!
    Also I used to copy how she drew babies and elderly people because I always found it really charming! ^.^!

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