Dr Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist

We have a doctor in the house everyone! So Dr Ramune is a specialist in the mysterious diseases which occur due to some strange reasons, mainly stress, regret or other strong feelings. Anime’s first two episodes have been a roller coaster ride, and it has been really hard to figure out Doctors true nature. Besides that we have another Kuro, man this name always makes me remember Servamp!

That is soya sauce!
Dr Ramune

Coming back to story line, a girl is troubled over the strange happenings with her tears. When she cries, mayonnaise comes out and other kind of seasoning too. No one would like some thing like this happening to them, plus it hurts a lot! She went to a doctor but he just laughed and told her to go back and not to trouble adults. Well, it was then that Kuro came to rescue…. more like it was a coincidence.


He took him to our specialist but our doctor just laughed and mocked Kuro for kidnapping a child. Then Kuro beat him up and our doctor became serious and finally attended the patient. Seriously we don’t have time to laugh we need to fix her tears, doc! Well our doc gave Koto a tea pot which would force one to speak truth whosoever drink any thing from it. Same was the case with the Koto, she drank tea from it and then started saying her true feelings. It was found that her relationship with her mother was turning to a bad one.

This was her mom’s reaction when she said he truth…!!

Koto was a great child actress and her mother would just love all the wealth Koto would gain because of her acting. She would make her work and brought herself a lot of luxuries, seriously wealth can make any one go crazy! Koto didn’t like this a bit but she would not go against her mom, that’s why her heart became weak and mysterious disease entered her body and messed around.

He does look scary!!!

Ramune however solved the problem in a very creative way I would say, I was scared to see him make a face like that! But all is well that ends well, right! So with this our episode gets over and we wait for another episode, waiting is such a hard work…..Well, thats all for today. The anime is starting slowly and will pick up speed gradually, well I don’t want it to end fast either. So let’s wait for next episode, till then take care, thank you and have a nice day!

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