By the Grace of Gods

Okay so there are some other new anime that I started watching this week and one of them is ‘By the Grace of Gods‘. The anime that I started watching this time is really fun and is quite similar to the anime ‘ The Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime ‘. The story is about a man named Ryoma Takebayashi who died in the human world and was later reincarnated to CELFORD a magical world. There he lived a simple and pleasant life for three years until on day.

Our Kawaii 8 year old Ryoma!

Ryoma Takebayashi was reincarnated to the another world into an 8 year old boy. Well that’s acceptable but what is totally unacceptable is the reason of his sudden death. Well guys how a person would normally die, fell off the building, hit by a truck or car or shot dead by a gun right! Now tell me that who dies because of some sneezes? Yes you guys heard it right, the instance was something like this. He was sleeping on his bed when he started to sneeze, with each sneeze he moved his pillow a bit and after four sneezes he fell off the bed and was hit on head and died of brain hemorrhage. This is a real strange way to die.

Recognized him? He is Ryoma from Earth.

Now putting aside the way of death let’s talk about his new life. he lives in a mountain which has beautiful scenery, a lovely river and lush greenery. Just like paradise! Also he doesn’t live their alone, he had nearly hundreds of slime living with him. All kinds of slimes like sticky slimes, acid slimes, poison slimes, cleaner slimes and scavenger slimes. Well that’s a lot of slimes!

Soooo Many Slimes!

About his powers now, he is a novice but still his magic is really creative and strong. He can use all types of magic be it earth, space, fire, barrier, freezing and many more and can also make a lot of different potions. Well what else you expect from someone who has blessings of God with him, right!

The anime is really good for those who are looking for some light adventure and magic stuff. You can also watch it if you just want to have some fun. Do like and comment. Keep reading blogs. Thanks for reading!

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